What new Features does the new chinese​ version of Flyme 6 ( A ) has ?

Meizu have been the most unique manufacturers in the world from their history of making CD players till smartphones . Meizu have launched thier new offerings namely M5 last month which was a successor of M3s with more features . Their Devices also  comes with unique UI which they called Flyme . Flyme 6 was the hot topic of last year’s​ second half . The Flyme 6 Global Rom is expected to be launched till August and the public Beta Rom is still available for the users to experience the Flyme 6 features . But the Chinese​ Rom which is the Stable Flyme 6 have got few updates recently ( few days ago ) . In this post we are unvieling the new add-ons and features that has been added in the new Chinese Stable version of Flyme 6 version A ( A is for the Chinese Rom G stands for the Global Rom).

1. After the update the System animations have got improved and the Application launching speed has been increased with no lags and few application i.e Phone dialer , Messaging apps also got some new animations.

2.The New Update also got the new Lock Screen wallpaper changer which was earlier seen on MIUI 8 .

Now the user can enable it by going to the theme app and going to the settings and thier the new option will be thier – Auto wallpaper changer .

Flyme 6 previous version Lock screen
Flyme 6 ( A ) version

3. The Chinese version of Flyme 6 also got the new notification shade which now is quite different from the earlier version you can see the difference in the screenshot given below .

Flyme 6 earlier version
Flyme 6 ( A version)

The Notification tray also got the new Clear option in the Less Important section .

4. The Flyme 6 also got the Android pay option too . The users can find that option in the Setting > Fingerprint & Security > Device Administration & Credentials > Device Administration .

5. In the Setting app there is also a new add-on which is under the SIM & networks where the user can find the new option called International Data .

6. The users which have issues while enabling VoLTE in thier Devices there is a good news for them they donot have too panic has its been already added and the user after the update can see the VoLTE option automatically on thier device without going to the engineering mode .

7. The battery charging time is great and the Screen on time is also good . The battery gives around 9 hours of screen on time .

8. The file manager app also got the new option called Recycle Bin From Which the user can get the items which they have deleted and the data is only preserved for 15 days .

9. The users who are very fond of screen recording the new update also now enables the user to record thier voice while screen recording​ which was not available in the earlier version .

These are some of the changes that has been seen by us . If you also find some new features do comment and let us know .


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