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Webnnel App ReviewIf you are frequent reader and like to read novels by new authors may be it’s fictional , nonfictional , action , drama or romantic. Along with that you like to read novels online Then Webnnel is the one stop where you can find E – Novels published by the authors and these E Novels consist of series which are updated every week by the authors . In this post i am sharing the Webnnel App Review .

Webnnel App Review –

Where to download ?

Webnnel app is available for Android Devices as for now and can be downloaded directly from The Google Play Store.

How to setup ?

The Webnnel App requires login or sign-up of the user at first it’s not mandatory for the user to sign-up or create an account but if the user want to enjoy the premium series then he/she have to create an account for the same .

Webnnel App Review

The user can sign-up via Email / Phone Number , Facebook or Google as per their choice .

What’s inside Webnnel app ?

After the easy login process the user can see the main page where at the bottom there are four icons in which one is home another one is for the E – Novels and othet one is for the E – comics and the last one is the user account panel .

Home Page –
The home page of Webnnel App consists of all the published E – novels and E – comics in order .

Webnnel App Review

E – Novels –
The E Novels section consist of all the E Novels published and all the E – Novels consist of various Chapters inside them .

Webnnel App Review

The app also has some gesture controls via which the user can switch or change the chapters by swiping left or Swiping right to go to the previous chapter or the next chapter.

Webnnel App Review

E – comics –

The E comics section consist of the same interface with E comics inside it and like the E Novels it also consist of many chapters inside it .

Webnnel App Review

The Webnnel App also provide the feature of Saving the E-novel or E-comics or a single chapter of a novel inside the app .

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Also Webnnel is the most simple E-Novel app with very easy user-friendly interface  .

Webnnel App ReviewUser Account –
The user account section in Webnnel app consist of many tabs namely –
Premium series
My purchase
Support ticket
Etc etc .

Premium series –
In this the user can access to the premium series in Webnnel App by purchasing them .

My purchase –
In this section the user can view the recent purchases of his/her from the Webnnel app

Support Ticket –
In this section the user can raise support tickets if they face any kind of issues in the app.

Saved –

In this tab the user can view the E-novels or E – comics or a chapter of the E-novels or E – comics which he/she had saved .

Webnnel App Review

Background of Webnnel and About the Founder –

Webnnel was founded in August 2014 by the Nikita Arora. This is a unique web entertainment platform that collaborates with various talented storytellers from across the globe. One of the most interesting things about this website is that you can read the on-going E-Novels and E-Comics series absolutely for free! Webnnel uploads chapters on the weekly basis and maintains their quality of content.

Webnnel is a unique multimedia web-entertainment platform. The platform delivers streamlined programming of unique text and audio visual content, designed and specifically curated for the online users. Webnnel is a whole new world of fiction content delivered in the E-Novels, E-Comics and Video (web-series) formats.
Webnnel is a fastest growing website and gaining popularity on the internet, with its two pilot seasons garnering over 10.5 lakh reads and the website boasting of 86 thousand unique users.

About the Founder – Nikita Arora

– Nikita Arora, Founder & CEO, Webnnel

Nikita Arora started her career as a trainer package producer with a news media company. After a few years working as an independent journalist, she went on to launch her own startup, webnnel. A unique, professional, multimedia web-entertainment platform treats you with fiction stories in the e-novals, e-comics and video formats.

Our aim with Webnnel is to empower our writers so that we can entertain our audiences with varied and original stories that are not only interesting but engaging too. Can’t wait for the sea-son to begin this Monday!” – Nikita Arora, Founder & CEO, Webnnel

You can visit Webnnel’s official website for more information : http://webnnel.com/ and Webnnel app is available for Android Devices as for now and can be downloaded directly from The Google Play Store.


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