Take video creation to the next level with LIKE APP

We are in times where the use of handheld phones is constantly evolving and so are the expectations of users from the large number of social apps out there. With users increasingly expecting a premium photo and video visual experience, social apps have had no choice but to innovate to cater to the user in order to retain and expand the existing user base.

Gone are the days of static features – which have now been replaced by dynamic photo content creation combined with video conversion which has become the next big thing for all social apps. To offer its users a better video creation experience, LIKE App – a popular short video platform, owned by Singapore-based technology giant BIGO Technology PTE. LTD., introduced its brand-new photo-editing feature Superme, adding a punch to the festival of Holi this year.

Superme comes with cutting-edge game engine technology to realize real-time interactive image application processing which offers an innovative option to combine photo-editing with video creation. With this feature, users can easily transfer a 2D image to a 3D video – photo processing can now be done with a single click. Superme adds a premium in-app experience that no other app in India provides.

The feature includes four series (Love, Creative, Cool and Funny) of over 80 exquisite and interesting effect options. Our favourite effects include Bottle Sky, Emotion Mask, Snake Flute, Thunderbolt and Swing Dance.

The platform also launched a challenge along with the feature with the hashtag #LIKESuperme.  Trending with over 9.37M posts globally, LIKE went a step further and added a few colorful effects around Holi, making the feature Holi-stic. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself by downloading the app (available on Android/iOS) and sharing your videos


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