Nubia announce software update to all its handsets

Nubia updated its software for the power Button to also function like the panic Button ,this features will be available across all Nubia phones including Z11 and N1 and all phones that Nubia will be launching in India in future .

How it works :
Pressing Panic Button thrice will connect device to the helpline and with the help of GPS in the device help the authorities to track the location of the customer.

The existing users of Nubia can also use this features in their device through software update . 

All nubia range of phones have GPS pre-installed and will continue to do so in the future.

 Nubia wants  every individual to be safe always. As a brand it is our responsibility to make sure we build technology that is meant to make life better and what better than using it for the security of an individual.

This move comes after the Indian government had ordered handset manufacturers to install panic buttons for all new phones to provide emergency assistance to women.

All Nubia users can now start downloading the update from

All distress calls made by pressing the panic button will be connected currently to 100 and in future to India’s forthcoming singe emergency response number 112, with the call going through even if the caller’s phone balance is zero. However, every user would need a SIM card to place the distress call. The call can be made by pressing the existing power button thrice, anywhere between 300 milliseconds and 500 milliseconds.   


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