Instagram get’s new update – Instagram Linking it’s stories to WhatsApp Status

This year Instagram has been updating itself a lot let’s start from the beginning where it started adding new rules from using limited hashtags to adding the new stories feature taken from WhatsApp Status where the user can add stories to their accounts which would stay for 24 hours.

WhatsApp Status

Then adding new feature called super zoom on its camera with great sound effects.

WhatsApp Status

Instagram also added filters option on its camera as SnapChat.

WhatsApp Status

But this time Instagram has done something quite useful where it has linked the Instagram stories to WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp Status
Where the user while updating the Instagram story can directly share the story on WhatsApp by selecting the WhatsApp option. Before there was only one option available where the user can share the Instagram story to Facebook story.

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How to get this new Instagram Linking feature ? Simple just update your Instagram to the latest version.

P. S – Mine is version


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