How to enable jio VoLTE Option in Meizu devices

In this post I am going to show how to enable the VoLTE Option on any Meizu 4G enabled device

I have also seen people using engineering mode but we don’t need that we simply need to add a simple APN in Jio APN

Firstly we have to find the APN option in the settings>sims and network

Then we have go to the Jio APN

We will add the another APN in that Jio APN namely “ims”.

But remember to turn off the VoLTE option first in the sims and network .

In this APN we have to add
Name- ims

APN type-ims

That’s it
And save the APN

After that now turn on the VoLTE option in the sims and network.

Wait for 5mins then tada.
If you are using the Jio join or Jio 4G voice app uninstall it and use the VoLTE directly from the dialer pad itself and you can also send messages with that as earlier the user have to use the Jio join app.
I am using Meizu m3 note with Flyme 6 stable( Chinese ROM) version and this trick aslo worked for the Flyme 5 (version as well as



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