Gift Your Mother a Healthy Smile with oraimo’s Tempo 2!

This Mother’s Day make the most important human of your life feel special by gifting her an uber cool gadget along with lots of love and care. oraimo’s offers you the best gifting option with Tempo 2 to make beautiful memories with your mother this Sunday along with keeping a track of her health and ensuring that that smile remains intact.

Tempo 2

Priced at Rs 2999, the ultra-stylish Tempo 2 OFB-20, boasts the bigger coloured screen in the segment; hence users no more have to worry about those tiny texts and numbers being stressful on the eyes.  In addition to the big screen, Tempo 2 continuously monitors your heart rate which is unique among other fitbands. The device gives you a count of the steps taken, distance covered and calories burnt in different training modules (including rope skipping, running and bicycling), which will let you remain on top of your health goals. Lifting the wrist is all it takes to directly view your mobile screen and WhatsApp messages on the screen via Bluetooth connectivity.

On the power backup front, Tempo 2 OFB-20 supports advanced low energy consumption technology which helps the device to stay active up to 20 days. Tempo 2 is IP67 splash resistant so you can rinse your hands without having to worry about water splash, durability, sweat, cosmetics, dust or anything else. Adding on to the exterior and convenience, the strap of the fitband comes with an in-built USB port thereby, ensuring ease of plugging and charging. It supports the 4.0 Bluetooth version. The build material of the band is ABS/PC/TPU and it measures 260*20*12mm.


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