Don’t let the End Game fever fade with LIKE App

Avengers Endgame, one of the most awaited movies of 2019, released on Friday, April 26. The movie has broken all box-office records and tickets are still sold out. At the end of the second week’s run, Endgame is already the biggest-ever Hollywood hit in India, upstaging its predecessor Avengers: Infinity War.

As seen in Infinity War – Thanos, the villain, had wiped out half the universe. Dr Stephen Strange, one of the avengers, was also part of this unfortunate population. Fans were devastated to see him vanish into thin air. He was one of the most powerful beings in the MCU. His superpowers included Protective Shields, Astral Projection, Magical Energy Blasts, and Telekinesis among few others.

Ever since Infinity War, we were looking for ways to lighten up and come out of the loss the marvellous hero when we came across LIKE, a Singapore-based special effect video editing application. The app offers a special effect for fans of Dr. Strange, called Telekinesis. The effect enables users to create their very own Dr. Strange videos with an image and background score of their choice. Users can then share these videos on their social media channels. We did, and trust us, these videos are really fun to make!

Our excitement to create videos with Telekinesis shot up even more after Endgame, because our hero was revived. The Avengers reversed the effect of Thanos’ snap and brought back the lost population after five years.

If you are equally elated with his return, we suggest you download the app and get going. Go, create your Telekinesis videos and show the world your enthusiasm for Endgame!

Download here: Android/iOS



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