Bull Guard Internet Security 2018 – Review

Why to choose Bull Guard Internet security ?
BullGuard Internet Security protect the Desktop better than any othet basic antivirus softwares as they offers more tools or options namely parental controls, firewall protection , a game booster and even a online backup option .

After using Bull Guard Internet Security for few weeks here is my Review on the desktop as well as the Android application for the same .

Review of Bull Guard internet security –

Desktop Application –

The Bullguard Desktop application can be downloaded and even you can purchase it from their official website . While mine was the trial version which was around 348KB in size and after installation the application takes around 200 MB space on drive ( which includes the additional download after the download of the application )

Installation of Bull Guard internet security –
The installation of the Bull Guard Internet Security was quite easy . Here are some of the screenshots for the same.


After the installation of the Application the user have to create an account for using the application and also this gives the user an access to keep an track on their Bull Guard’s Account remotely from any where at anytime .

Features in Bull Guard internet security –

The Bull Guard Internet Security provides quite a number of features rather than Antivirus namely .
Game Booster
PC tune up
Parental control

These are few of the features which make Bull Guard Internet Security different from other Antivirus available in the market .

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Performance of Bull Guard internet security –

As per my testing the Bull Guard Internet Security works like a charm with no hiccups and slowing down the performance of the desktop as many of the Antivirus in Market tends to consume a lot of space on drive of the desktop plus they results in slowing down of PC .
The firewall also blocks the unwanted breach on the systems . But i dont know why the backup option on my Application shows only 100 MB of back space may be that’s because of the trial version .

The Antivirus detects the viruses quickly ( we tested some fake viruses too ) and the game Booster helps the games to get Boosted a little on the low specifications Desktops we tried some high end graphics game on a lower graphics configurations .

The Parental controls are the main highlight of the Bull Guard Internet Security as it enable s the user to keep an track of the activities that has been done on the entire Desktop namely which application has been visited and the user can block the use of the application for the childrens too . The user can also set the timings for the access on the PC or on the internet and even they can set the fix number of weeks on which the children can access the PC in general or to the internet Specifically .

Mobile Application –

The Bull Guard internet Security is also available on the Google play store the application also need to be logged in in order to use it’s functions .

The Android application of Bull Guard Internet Security is bound to few features only .
As anti theft and backup options are available but going for the parental controls the user have to get a premium account or have to add the license key

Final Verdict –

In my final verdict i want to say that Bull Guard Internet Security is a great Antivirus application which provides more features than the any other Antivirus Available including the remote access through the online account .


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