1More Piston Fit -Full Review , Sound , Quality and Pricing

1More Piston FitIf you are a music lover and looking to get a premium quality earphone with great sound coupled with a good bass and your budget is around 1000 INR then this post might help you  . In this post we are going to share our review on 1 More Piston Fit from 1More company. The 1More Piston Fit comes with a affordable price of Rs. 999 with a great build. For more information check the review .

1More Piston Fit  – Review

1More Piston Fit

What’s inside the Box ?

1More Piston Fit
The inbox elements of 1More Piston Fit are –
The earphones itself
User Manual
Extra pair of ear tips
There are many earphones available in the market. The cheaper ones sound good with a echoing of music and not so great bass or sometime no bass. The difference between the cheaper earphone and premium quality earphone is easily noticeable .

How’s the  Build of 1More Piston Fit ?

1More Piston Fit
This 1More Piston Fit earphone comes with 45 degree level angle design, something similar to as seen on other earphones . Can you name it ..? Yes  it’s Mi in-ear headphones Pro HD.
1More Piston Fit
The body of Piston Fit is made of aluminium 80% of it which make it look and feel a premium earphone but there’s a con with that build as per our usage we felt a little bit of warming of the earphones in the out doors ( while taking pictures of the earphones too )  may be due to that build of it and in indoors the temperature was normal .

Specifications of 1More Piston Fit –

Line Control:Yes
Length:1.25 m
Wire Materials:Enamelled Copper Wire
Connector Type:3.5 mm
Speaker Impedance:32 Ω
Sensitivity:100 dB/mW
Frequency Range:20-20,000 Hz
Rated Power:5 mW

1More Piston FitHow’s the Sound of 1More Piston Fit ?

The sound quality is impressive. You can easily feel the difference if you were using a standard quality earphone. On standard low cost earphone  the sound feels flat, but when you use the 1More Piston Fit you can easily feel the difference, sound is more clear and the bass is really good . It fits easily, and does not fall that easily. You can use the extra ear caps that is included in the box for a more comfortable fit depending on your ear size.

What are the Functions included in 1More Piston Fit ?

1More Piston FitNot many of the earphone manufacturers provide many Functions in their earphones if it is not a Bluetooth wireless earphones .
But 1More Piston Fit comes with couple of Functions which are blended inside it’s one button namely –
Play Music
Pause Music
Receiving of Calls
Declining of Calls
and Changing the song or going to next song by clicking a little upward twice on the button and going back to the previous song by Clicking a little downward twice .
All of these Functions are embedded in one single button .

1More Piston FitShould you get the 1More Piston Fit ?

You will not know the difference until you hear it.  The build is nice and can’t be found in any of the other competitors in this price segment and if you want to get a great and clear sound delivered to you then 1More Piston Fit is the great buy .
The price of the product is 999 INR. The product carry’s a 1 year warranty and is available at Amazon.in and 1MORE INDIA webstore and many leading store across India. Available in 4 assorted colours, the Piston Fit lets you pick from Deep Space Grey , Clear Lake Blue , Galaxy Silver and Rose Pink.


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